The best 2017 exhibition so far!

Was casually paging through the F.T. when a colorful article caught my attention.

I think I read like 2 paragraphs before I frantically texted Kate: “We gotta go!!! This Saturday!!” She’s just starting her own blog/business on all things paper-related, so an exhibition on posters and book covers… you bet! She replied enthusiastically something along the lines “why are you even wasting time asking me?”

It was a wet and cold and windy afternoon… Just as well we were super motivated because we wandered up and down random streets, twisting our phones to make sure we were going in the right direction, got lost, ended up calling the gallery, got the right address, walked down like 10 blocks, starved!! so went into a corner store to buy nuts, dropped 1/2 the contents on the sidewalk (there are no pigeons in that part of London, the nuts were still there 2 hours later on our way back). When we finally got there, a tall gentleman said “I spoke to you on the phone and gave you the address a while ago, I didnt’ think it’d take you that long”. One must say that the gallery is very discreetly signed… and, well… it was cold!

But once we got in, it was well worth all the efforts. It’s free, it’s small-scaled, it’s original … it’s PERFECT!


You’ll get a private tour!! How many times did you go to an exhibition and wish you could ask questions to a conservator?  Didier (the tall gentleman) is the ‘curator’ who put the display together, and a wealth of information about London in the sixites. He’ll personally welcome you and give you the who, when, how. He’ll answer all kinds of questions so patiently, so knowledgeably, so gentlemanly.
Also, the gallery benefits from natural light, which is so rarely the case for arts exhibits.
And you might spot a celebrity or two; Harry Zelinski‘s grand-son was there with his wife…


Shows the influence of (mainly Italian) pop art on the British scene for a brief decade, between Cinecitta‘s lights out and the rise of abstract digital photography.  That form of painting launched the career of Jacqueline Bisset who started as a ‘reference model’.



I don’t want to write more. Please go and find out; Didier is soooo interesting.  And to quote the gallery’s co-founder…

“Anyone with an interest in understanding the birth of cool will love this exhibition.”


Don’t rely on google maps to find the Lever Gallery, you’ll end up in front of some community college, pfff
The address is 153-157 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7HD
Closest tube station is ANGEL
Tel  020 3217 2678How long
Till the end of January though it might get extended. So hurry, hurry, hurry,…

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